Wellness & Performance


Complementary Therapies and Assessment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

is an empirically-based treatment for anxiety, depression, and other emotional and behavioral concerns.   In CBT, clients are coached to identify, challenge, and redefine habitual patterns of thinking and beliefs which are limiting their optimal performance and potential.  CBT is scheduled by- appointment and may be covered by insurance.

Bright Ideas for Daily Living

is a program that helps clients define creative and effective solutions to life problems.  This process includes: identifying specific challenges and areas for change or improment; brainstorming posssible solutions; evaluating each solution; picking a solution and trying it out; and evaluating the outcome.  Bright IDEAS facilitates an improved ability to cope with stressful situations and emotions. Bright IDEAS is scheduled by-appointment and may be covered by insurance.

Psychological Assessment

is conducted for the purpose of identifying a client’s strengths and weaknesses in areas such as problem-solving, memory, executive functioning, and academic skills.  Assessment results inform recommendations for school-based, home-based, and community-based services to meet the needs of the child, teen, or adult client.  Assessment is scheduled by- appointment and may be covered by insurance.

Sports Counseling

involves understanding and effectively addressing the unique developmental, emotional, and performance goals of athletes. In working with student-athletes, a holistic approach—combining mindfulness-based practices with complementary asessment and intervention—is typically indicated.  Sports counseling is scheduled by-appointment and, depending on the presenting concerns, services may be covered by insurance.